“The world’s most luxurious group dating sojourns

by private jet to secluded retreats

– UPdates


You’re the type of person who has accomplished much in your field, whether it is in business, the arts, commerce, or personal and charitable causes. You have reached a level where you can choose the type of people you want to fill your life with. You have experienced adventure, intrigue, drama, passion and the joys and sorrows of loves won and lost, and you have sampled some of the delights our incredible world has to offer. You may have even tried elite dating agencies. You crave novelty and excitement.  There has to be a better way.

UPdates is a members-only service and our sojourns are unrivalled for bringing together groups of diverse, yet like-minded peers on a unique and refined dating vacation.

UPdates prides itself on our community of members that represent a diverse assortment of well heeled romantics who yearn for excitement, adventure and travel. Our members are successful, influencers, thought leaders and interesting individuals. Your perfect partner could be among them.  We carefully select each new member to ensure they complement and enrich our existing membership base.

Typically our members are aged 35 to 50, are attractive and stylish, like to keep fit and have an array of interests across the arts, culture, food & wine, outdoor pursuits, philanthropy and world travel.







 Luxury Dating Vacations (Sojourns)

Love-seekers will get to know each other on handpicked experiences as part of a group, while a small but expert concierge team manages members requests and an on-site relationship manager handles all the dating dynamics – including one-on-one dates, travel logistics and itinerary arrangements. UPdates creates the optimal dating environment for you to be your best self.  Sharing new experiences creates irreplaceable memories and establishes intimate connections between our members, for the best dating results.

For more information or to join the waiting list for the next sojourn,

Call: 020 3808 8388 




Apply for London Membership

“Each member is carefully selected to ensure that they meet high standards”


London Membership is currently exclusive to applicants that reside within the Greater London area and surrounding counties. Both Male and female applicants go through an identical membership process. Members who have completed a sojourn have the opportunity to join UPdates  Alumni where you will have the opportunity to meet fellow single alumni from other sojourns at a series of exclusive events.

To apply for London membership, applicants must be referred by our trusted network or call us to join the waiting list. Whilst we welcome interest and enthusiasm in membership from all applicants, acceptance is not guaranteed.